This year the number of cancelled flights has increased by 50 % and every other flight has been delayed

Let us watch your future flight for you for free. Or use our service of Smart Assistant and let yourself be protected against unpleasant situations in the course of your journey. We will arrange compensation of your damage with zero deduction and other benefits for you.

50 % more cancelled flights

Hundreds of flights are cancelled every day and flyers thus must address replacement air tickets and emergency accommodation and spend long hours in the airport lobbies.

30 % more delayed flights

Millions of travellers have problems in the final destination due to delays of their flights. Problems with accommodation, parking as well as the scheduled programmes.

You buy an air ticket and they do not let you in

Air ticket sellers and airline companies often sell more air tickets that the number of seats in the planes.

Every other flight is delayed

Due to the number of delays more and more passengers have problems with catching the following connection, whether a flight or a train or bus home.

21.6 million lost luggage

Every minute 40 pieces of luggage are damaged, lot or delivered late.

Ensure a peaceful journey and address your problems in advance

We will take care of you in case of a problem flight.

Our tip

Smart Assistant

Prepaid protection

Payment of 100 % compensation without any deduction to your account.

Optional extended luggage protection

Guaranteed payment of 20 EUR in the case of unsuccessful claim

from 2 EUR per person/month up

More about the service

Future flight protection

In the case of any problem with your flight we will commence the compensation settlement immediately for the compensation to be paid to you as soon as possible.


Protect future flight

Your FAQs

Prevention of a delayed flight or lost luggage does not exist, unfortunately. But to be prepared for that with our services is easy! When such a situation does occur you do not have to be stressed by having to look for WHAT TO DO, WHOM TO ADDRESS, WHAT TO REMEMBER, HOW TO OBTAIN COMPENSATION AND FROM WHOM etc.
We will help you with all this, advise you what to do and enforce your deserved compensation for your trouble if you are entitled to claim it.
We are the only service assuring watching of your future flight completely free of charge. Just register the number and the date of your flight and we will watch the progress of your flight for you. If any event constitutes your right to compensation for the flight we will let you know and you do not have ot pay us anything for that.
Do you way our services for free is a problem arises? Why to pay deduction from the enforced compensation in order of thousands when we are prepared to enforce it for you with zero deduction, and even repeatedly? Just order the Smart Assistant service for a month or for a year. In the course of that period you will be provided with our assistance services completely free of charge and for an unlimited number of flights! Assure for yourself 100 % compensation.
Just visit our section called ONLINE HELP where we tell you what the necessary steps are in the case of an emergency, what you are entitled to and what to remember. We have prepared for you a short and well organised check-list for your particular problem type.

Remember to download or print our assistance cards and place them in your wallet.

We wish you a pleasant journey and a successful flight!